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Flatwire UK

Flatwire UK

One of the most popular wires for experienced vapers and now offers an outstanding range..... All rolled flat for an unrivalled surface area producing more paper and more flavour.

Flapton: Flat Clapton Wire 

Flat 60: HW6015

Flat Ni80: Nichrome 80

Flat 316L: Stainless Steel

Flatwire UK

Flatwire UK

Using a rolling technique to flatten all of their range, Flatwire UK offers an unrivalled surface area giving better flavour and Vaper Production. All 10ft SpoolsFlapton Range: £8.99 (Ni80 £10.99Kanthal, SS316L, Ni80, HW6015Flatwire Range: £6.99SS316L, Ni80, HW6015..


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