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We will occasionally add limited numbers of products at unbeatable prices.... Be sure to keep checking back to see what BARGAINS we have on offer!

11:11 Styled 20700 or 18650 Mod

11:11 Styled 20700...

11:11 Styled Mech Mods 20700 and 18650 Compatible 28mm Diameter (approximately)Solid Brass. Stainless Steel or Copper Construction Hybrid 510Silver Plated Contact Constant Current Button, say goodbye to Battery arcing Flush Sprung ButtonDelrin Battery Ins..


Black Ice Lemonade by Candy Corner 6 x 10ml Pack

Black Ice Lemonade...

Blackcurrants smashed together with a revitalising fizzy lemonade. A cordial like blackcurrant inhaling, lemony freshness with a subtly exquisite menthol chill exhaling. Skid along the black ice, blackcurrant lemonade with a menthol chill.Candy Corner by The Ace of Vapez have bee..


Black Jack by Sticka Bombz Multipack

Black Jack by...

Imagine unwrapping an old sweet shop favorite, thick and dense licorice with an exhale of anise. This one will definitely take you back to your childhood.80/20 VG/PG 6 x 10ml Bottles..


BloodAxe 20700 by Addison Innovations

BloodAxe 20700 by...

BLOODAXE:Takes a 20700 cell28mm mod with a concave curved grip in the centreTapered top to a 25mm to seat our 25mm RDA.Internal hybrid disk.Fixed concave button.Silver contacts.Delrin battery seat.8 top vent holes as a safety design.Sleek and Stylish design for aesthetics and com..


Blueberry Sour by Sticka Bombz Multipack

Blueberry Sour by...

A sour blueberry vape like no other, this one had our mixologist screaming eureka. It's absolutely as described on the bottle. A perfectly ripe blueberry candies to perfection with a dusting of sour sherbert on top.80/20 VG/PG6 x 10ml Bottles..


Candy King Batch

Candy King Batch

Batch by Candy King E Liquid is a perfect replica of the ever so popular sour patch kids candy! This blend is sure to taste sour at first, then sweet on the exhale. Don't miss out on this amazing flavor!Flavour Profile: Sweet orange, cherry, lemon and lime gum..


Candy King Belts

Candy King Belts

Sour Belts by Candy King E Liquid is a wonderful blend of strawberry candy belts, rolled around in sweet and sour sugar crystals! Don't miss out on this wild flavor. Try out a bottle today!Flavour Profile: Srawberry sour punch straws candyIncludes 5 x 10ml Bottles ..


Candy king Sour worms

Candy king Sour...

Sour Worms by Candy King E Liquid is your perfect candy flavor that blends orange, lemon, lime, cherry, strawberry and raspberry gummy worms all into one, but with a sour twist! Try this flavor out before it's too late!Flavour Profile: orange, lime, lemon strawberr..


Candy King Strawberry Watermelon

Candy King...

Strawberry Watermelon by Candy King E Liquid is a delicious flavor of sweet strawberry bubblegum with a watermelon twist. Both of these flavors are perfectly blended together to create to most savory flavor ever!Flavour Profile: Strawberry and watermelon bubble gumInclu..


Candy king Swedish

Candy king Swedish

Swedish by Candy King E Liquid is an amazing flavor that tastes just like the gummy Swedish fish! This blend is sure to keep you coming back time and time again, so try out a bottle today!Flavour Profile: There is actually much debate as to the official flavor..


Fruit Salad by Sticka Bombz Multipack

Fruit Salad by...

A medley of fruits combined perfectly together to give you a satisfying all day vape that will have you going fruit mad. 80/20 VG/PG 6 x 10ml Bottles..


Galactika Hidra Style BF Squonk Mechanical Mod

Galactika Hidra...

Galactika Hidra Style BF Squonk Mechanical Box ModThe Galactika Hidra Style BF Mechanical Box Mod is made from POM (Delrin) and powered by 1 x 18650 battery (not included). The mod is built-in 8ml dropper bottle for bottom feeder.Mod:Material: POM;Built-in 8ml dropper bottle..


Just Jam  Original 60ml Multipack

Just Jam Original...

Just Jam is quite possibly one of the most realistic flavours in its respective field, managing to replicate the flavour equivalent to that of real strawberry Jam! This bottle comes in 125ml and is a definite must have, with notes that will tantalise your taste buds. Thickened li..


Just Jam- Just Jam on Scone 60ml Multi pack

Just Jam- Just Jam...

Just Jam On Scone is the third instalment in the truly delightful collection of Jam E-Liquids like no other. Raspberry Jam smothered on a freshly baked English scone with generous lashings of Devon cream. The only question you should ask is should the Jam or cream be first o..


Lolly Vape Co. Rock It Multipack

Lolly Vape Co. Rock...

That infamous rocket lolly we all used to jump up for when we heard that familiar tune from the ice cream van. Raspberry, Lime and strawberry ice blended to perfection and frozen onto a stick. 80/20 VG/PG6 x 10ml Bottles..


Lolly Vape Co. Screw It Multipack

Lolly Vape Co....

A soft whipped ice cream swirled with raspberry sauce. Not forgetting that chewy bubblegum at the bottom. The minute you open the bottle you will be saying screw-it because it's all gone.80/20 VG/PG6 x 10ml Bottles..


Lolly Vape Co. Twist it Multipack

Lolly Vape Co....

This one needs no introduction. Lime ice swirled with creamy vanilla ice cream with that unforgettable raspberry core. Just perfect.80/20 VG/PG6 x 10ml Bottles..


OnTech RD Icarus Style Mechanical Squonk Mods

OnTech RD Icarus...

OnTech RD Icarus Style Squonk ModAluminium or Resin Construction Stainless Steel BF 510 8ml BottleMagnetic Side PlatesSilver Plated ContactsSmall and CompactRequire 1 X 18650 (not included)..


Shark Gummies Blue Shark

Shark Gummies Blue...

Blue Shark Gummies: Your favorite blue and white shark, blue raspberry candy rolled up into an All Day Vape!..


Shark Gummies Green Shark

Shark Gummies Green...

Shark Gummies is one of the first to bring you 40ml tpd compliant juice, this juice comes in 4x10ml TPD compliant bottles in one box. Available in 0,3 and 6mg Vg 70%..


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