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Sticka Bombz

Sticka Bombz

Another UK liquid that is as authentic in flavour as anything out there...

It should be called Ronseal.... You get what it says on the tin.

Black Jack by Sticka Bombz Multipack

Black Jack by...

Imagine unwrapping an old sweet shop favorite, thick and dense licorice with an exhale of anise. This one will definitely take you back to your childhood.80/20 VG/PG 6 x 10ml Bottles..


Blueberry Sour by Sticka Bombz Multipack

Blueberry Sour by...

A sour blueberry vape like no other, this one had our mixologist screaming eureka. It's absolutely as described on the bottle. A perfectly ripe blueberry candies to perfection with a dusting of sour sherbert on top.80/20 VG/PG6 x 10ml Bottles..


Fruit Salad by Sticka Bombz Multipack

Fruit Salad by...

A medley of fruits combined perfectly together to give you a satisfying all day vape that will have you going fruit mad. 80/20 VG/PG 6 x 10ml Bottles..


Strawbie Chew by Sticka Bombz Multipack

Strawbie Chew by...

Another favourite from your childhood transformed perfectly into a vape that you can enjoy for years to come. Strawberry chewy sweets that magically don't stick to your teeth in this form. This liquid is a firm favourite with all candy lovers.80/20 VG/PG 6 x 10ml Bottles..


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