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L'Meringue Multipack by Fine


Sweet creamy meringue on top and a crumbly pie crust at the bottom. With a thick curd inside made with hints of zesty fruits, this desert symphony won't miss a note.80vg\20pg6 x 10mls..


Lecuca Multipack by Fine

Lecuca Multipack by...

Close your eyes and imagine a decadent lemon cake with layers upon layers of soft sponge filled with thick creamy lemon curd. The only thing this cake is missing is the calories.6 x 10mls multipack80vg\20pg..


Mallow Berry  Multipack by Fine

Mallow Berry ...

Imagine a light and fluffy marshmallow swirled with strawberry sauce and toasted to perfection. This is an all day vape crafted with absolute perfection.10ml Singles & Multis 0 & 3mg 80vg\20pg10ml Singles & Multis 6mg & above 50/506 x 10mls..


Rasbrulee Multipack by Fine

Rasbrulee Multipack...

Replicating one of the world’s favourite desserts. There are notes of ripe raspberry in there as well as perfectly burnt sugar, topped off by thick creamy goodness a signature of this dessert, loved worldwide and perfected in this liquid.10ml Singles & Multis 0 &..


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