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Charity Vape Bands

Charity Vape Bands

We have released these 6 vape bands to try and give a little back.....You will recieve a set of six bands. Each band has a hashtag written on it.Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple and Green#WeGotItCovered#MrAdam#AaronHoops#TeamShades#ShadeyLadies#DaveTheVapeEvery month all the profit..


e-cig Silicon Sucker

e-cig Silicon Sucker

These handy little suckers are idea for you coffee table or desk to stop your e-cig from rolling onto the floor..... Please note the colour option is a 'preffered' but in the event of us not having the correct colour in stock we will send an alternative colour :) ..


The Original Mod Wipes

The Original Mod...

We are pleased to be stocking The Original Mod Wipes. These wipes have been developed to keep your mods free from excessive e-liquid. These are not just "baby wipes" they have been specifically designed to remove marks and e-liquid from your vaping devices without leavi..


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