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Drip Tips

Chubby Style Chuff Caps for 24mm RDA's

Chubby Style Chuff...

These Chubby Style Chuff Caps are designed to replace the top cap on your 24mm RDA.Please note you may need bigger or smaller orings for a snug fit.Available in 4 colour options...


Drip Tips for Kennedy, Slam'EM, Goon, Battle caps etc

Drip Tips for...

These drip tips fit on the Kennedy, Slam'EM, Goon and battle caps plus moreThey are available in plain or knurled finish in a variety of finishes...


EM Drip Tips for EM Hour Glass Resin Finish

EM Drip Tips for EM...

These drip are individual and handmade resin. these are made to fit the Hourglasss top cap but are a 510 fitting so can be used for other devices that are 510 compatible. These are available in a  variety of colours. ..


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