A1 Kanthal 0.25 – 1.00mm

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THE FINER THE WIRE = THE HIGHER THE RESISTANCE The AWG 32 wire (0.20mm in diameter) produces HIGHER ohms over a SHORTER distance, as compared to the commonly used AWG 30 (0.25mm in diameter) which is slightly thicker, but would require more coils to achieve the same resistance. TWISTING THE WIRE LOWERS THE RESISTANCE BY HALF If you wish to use twisted wire, you will need to double the amount of coils to achieve the same resistance.

Kanthal Wire
10 metre spools
High quality long lasting wire for rebuildable atomizers
Supplied on a plastic spool for ease of use.
1.00mm = 18awg
0.80mm = 20awg
0.64mm = 22awg
0.60mm = 23 awg
0.50mm = 24awg
0.40mm = 26awg
0.32mm = 28awg
0.25mm = 30awg
0.20mm = 32awg


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