Aspire K1 Stealth Kit

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The Aspire K1 Stealth kit has 3 lights on the base of the battery unit which lets the user know the current power the device is outputting. if One light is illuminated the power is set to 8w, 2 lights for 10w, and 3 lights for 12w. To change between power settings simply click the button on the base of the device twice in quick succession. To charge the device simply plug in the provided Micro USB lead in and then plug in to a laptop or similar device. This device charges at 1 amp so please check charger compatibility before charging. Most Phone charger are 2 amp or above and are unsuitable for use to charge this battery.


• 1 x Aspire K1 Stealth Mod
• 1 x Aspire K1+ Tank
• 1 x USB Charging cable
• 1 x User Manual & Warranty Card
• 2 x Ni-chrome Coils (1*1.6 Ohm & 1*1.8 Ohm Pre-installed)
• 1 x Metal Connecting Ring



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