Immolation Competition Wire

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Immolation Competition Wire

Immolation Competition Wire Is a new breed of wire that is a true “game changer” in the Vape Scene.

This medical grade stainless Steel alloy hybrid wire is composed of only the finest mixture of stainless steel and other medical grade food safe alloys. It does not release gasses when being heated up and cooled down under the current temperatures that e-liquid is vaped under. Immolation wire has an extremely fierce, almost instant ramp up time for heating..

The wire is very malleable, and is one of the most tarnish resistant metals know to man. It is not brittle after being heated like many other types of wire.

It comes with
  • 2 x XL 100% organic Geisha Cotton Pads
  • 1 x 10 ft Immolation Wire
  • 100% pure Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Individual packed, nice and clean
  • Special cutting design, dust proof and health friendly
  • Extremely Low resistance

available in;

18 awg 10 feet

20 awg 10 feet

22 awg 10 feet

24 awg 10 feet


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