Kimsun Slim 2R Kit

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We are dealing here with a real revolution! The perfect Vape set for beginners and advanced users who want a simple set-up without sacrificing performance. The Slim 2R set is the new generation of the e-cigarette in a very small format, zero leakage, intelligent temperature control and with a 1100mah battery. 

Here is the latest Vape-Set (2017), which has something to offer for beginners as advanced vapers. A sophisticated top product for the best possible vaping experience. 

The Slim 2R tank is durable, has a filling capacity of 2ml and allows easy and clean filling. The cartridges have an extended life, this is down to the temperature control protection built in the the Slim 2R kit, as soon as you are out of liquid the slim 2R will automatically switch off. The airflow system is also well thought-out and prevents any form of leakage or the formation of condensation to 100%. 

The processing of the Slim 2R Kimsun is exemplary. You can feel that you are holding a high quality product. This is no ordinary straight to lung device this is the future of straight to lung devices


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